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carousel [ep]

by Fog Lake



released November 30, 2018




Fog Lake Glovertown, Newfoundland and Labrador

recording project of aaron powell from newfoundland, canada.


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Track Name: carousel
cut away the ropes to this puppet i made
the host that got carried away
as my carousel keeps spinning round
yet again

holy light in my room
keeps me humming as i spin to my doom
off the rails and still out of tune with you
tired and nausous round yet again

take me back to the time
i convinced myself that you were truly mine
but i lost myself long down the line
to my grave down yet again

now hear as the sound
of my carousel spins around
to the day i'll never be found
i will be drowned in the end
Track Name: i'll be around
i don't know where you've been
but i know where you went
and i'll be around
if you don't want me i'll be around

i've been getting so used to living so lonely
i've been my only company for so long
it's all i know now
so if all of my reasons for you are empty
i'll take atonement over my heart

cause if you don't want me i'll be around
i know you don't want me
so i'll be around
Track Name: losing feeling
in our hometown
i was so lonely i couldn't come down
blood sparked my brain till i made the sound
of my own bitterness being drowned
it was so easier then

when my heart aches
i feel so distant we get erased
down the highway at night
a cold embrace strung out on daydreaming
into space i think i'm losing feeling
Track Name: stars
these little walls have been coming down
ever since i met you
and maybe you thought you could figure me out
but we both know that's not true

this little car has been breaking down
but i'm almost home to you
and so you think i'll just sputter out
maybe in time you will too

and on a cold night like tonight
i'll watch the stars drifting by
i still think i could be one of them
but i don't have the gull to try

these old halls i've been walking down
every night in my dreams
i still see you when you're calling out
but you don't even know my name
Track Name: waltzing
Track Name: years pass
i've been hit with something like a bullet in my head
years will pass and love will turn to death
conversations cave into abyss
somehow i'll be only left with this

there was a chance
ashes turned to concrete in my head
moments maybe never meant to last
out of time grant me one last kiss
somehow i'll be only left with this

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