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inference 3 [ep]

by Fog Lake



last year i got the idea to try and cover my own extended play "inference iii" which i wrote and recorded very sloppily in one night on june 2nd, 2012 (it's since been taken off of bandcamp).

that album essentially being just demos, as an experiment i was interested in hearing what it'd sound like if i hadn't recorded it in such haste and with the knowledge and recording techniques i have now. hope you enjoy, more new music is in the works.


released August 4, 2017

written/produced/mastered by aaron powell




Fog Lake Glovertown, Newfoundland and Labrador

recording project of aaron powell from newfoundland, canada.

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Track Name: inference (i)
i didn't know the difference
tried to find an inference
wake up standing still
wake up standing still

i kept all your memories
served them by my tendencies
please just keep me still
oh won't you please just keep me still
Track Name: rainy days
alexander avenue was right
do you think we'll ever sleep tonight
we were enemies but now we see our fortune
but misery's a sight i see in motion

where went the sad everyone
i used to think i could be anyone
i wake up on rainy days
i wake up to rainy days
Track Name: painfully
time wasted away
waking up done late in the day
light used up at night
wired so tight simple decay

friends oh where are them
where will i fall where will i end
lend some confidence
so i can get past the past tense

when we went and met
in the same hall i can't forget
still dying inside
it's too late to win too late to hide

we were meant to die painfully
Track Name: roswell
what else did you think could go wrong
cause i've been trying to cope but i can't stay strong
and what else did you think might be true
cause i've been waiting too long for nothing to do

what did you think had happened to me
i don't know if i should intervene
and what makes you think that this might be true
cause i've been waiting too long for nothing to do
Track Name: think things over
remember when you used to listen
think things over every time
just think it over and make up your mind
sail right over every time
Track Name: subliminal
a look of love
a push a shove
a nail a knife

so subliminal
the trace of life
i can't recall the signs
i can't recall the time
the trace of life
Track Name: by and by
they cut me off so fast
i waited til they passed
and put the car in drive
impatient by and by

i reveled in the rush
once twice but not enough
so fragile at the touch
a foreign thing to us now
Track Name: inference (ii)
you know you're stuck here
you know you're stuck
the birds don't land here
they don't give a fuck

and if you were waiting
i wouldn't bet your luck
you know you're stuck here
you know you're stuck here for good

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