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virgo indigo

by Fog Lake



released February 4, 2014

mastered by warren hildebrand
cover photography by daniel diasgranados
written/recorded by aaron powell




Fog Lake Glovertown, Newfoundland and Labrador

recording project of aaron powell from newfoundland, canada.


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Track Name: virgo indigo
now they've sewn up both your eyes
but i still miss you
its a delicate disguise
but i can see through
and all the rain comes down in sheets
but i don't feel blue
now you've got me on my knees
and i still don't feel used

we will go
no control
we will go indigo
Track Name: mad scientist
and it all went down the drain
all the photos lost their meaning
never saw that side again

don't forget what gets you high
so you can hold yourself together
when you're running out of time

i had a heart but yeah you fucked it up forever
things just never came to light
and now i'm holding on to never

and i don't wanna have the chance
to see the world without your hands
there's only so much i can stand
so it all went down the drain
Track Name: it was never enough
living out my wasted time
nowhere to run
nowhere to hide

staring through a hollow heart
we were all out of luck
it was never enough

angels crying in the streets
somewhere underneath
he's inside of me

emptiness becomes a home
all you'll ever know
it was never enough

sorry for what you became
but who can be blamed
i know you know

living in a hollow heart
we were fucked from the start
it was never enough
Track Name: erik
oh can't you see that it's a long way to be leaving
a long way home
and hey i think that it's best that
we probably stop believing cuz time's a slow game
and though i see it in the seasons
it doesn't matter what you're feeling
so strange to think that what you're stealing
is everything i'm needing
Track Name: little black balloon
we cut ties to live again
all the places you've never been
are you ever gonna find them?

i don't know if i ever knew
how it came to be so soon
if i ever would have come through
we'll never know

it took time to love again
it had gone so awful then
things never meant to happen

found a way, a little black balloon
never had enough to lose
now they're never gonna find you
they'll never know
Track Name: dream gate
i stay high to pass the time
burn away the afterlife
trapped inside your angel eyes
wasted now the light has died

i have always been prepared
find me in your darkest fears
dream gate get me out of here
drifting in the thinnest air
Track Name: nocturnal blues
rusty old hands
blood fills the sky
you're all my friends
trust my disguise
i live in bars
you tread thin ice
they locked you in
sewed up your eyes

i wore your clothes
i took your pills
i lived alone it was a thrill
you led me in down in this shoe
now there is nothing left for me to do
you'll come crashing down on me
Track Name: pretty lights
i've got all the remedies
let's jump out of our minds
melt into our eyes
those pretty lights

cause we're not fond of anyone
they fucked us up
now we can't love anymore

you hate all my melodies
but i know they'll work
and after church i hope it hurts

you gave me misery
you wrecked my head
remember when you thought
that you had a friend
Track Name: circuit rider
broke even with a traveling man
circuit rider in my head
and i know we got time to sin
before we fall in their traps again

we could fly off into the sun
i could be the only one
nevertheless it's been such fun
but our lives just never would

i'm sick of falling behind
black circles forming under my eyes
not much of me left alive
brokenhearted safe disguise

circuit rider comes to me
every night into my dreams
but it took so long to see
that you too were make believe
Track Name: lost love letters
if somebody loved me
then maybe i'd survive
and we'd sit by the harbor
to stall our empty lives

if you don't look back
then i won't look back
if you don't give a damn
then i won't give a damn
and if you call out i won't answer
and if time runs out
then it won't matter
and if you call out
i won't answer

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