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farther reaches

by Fog Lake



the first record. thanks for listening.


released January 1, 2013

all songs written and performed by fog lake in a basement
w/ the exception of "extension cord" co-written by walter mackey
"farther reaches" is taken from the book "the farther reaches of human nature" by abraham h. maslow




Fog Lake Glovertown, Newfoundland and Labrador

recording project of aaron powell from newfoundland, canada.

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Track Name: words
i've got your picture in the back of my head
i couldn't focus on the trouble i'm in
i hear your voice now but only so many words
there's no sun now and there's no cure

do you know you're special?
and can you see the necessary evil in me?
Track Name: space station
space station take the other route home
there's a truth in these lies
i want you to know
oh fever bliss her
the mirror feels so wrong
got your hair tied
i want you to know

this hesitation i store away the days
cause i'm a jelly kisser
need you to know
give me a reason
to reach outside this view
cause if i run out i want you to come too
Track Name: torn-up scene
we hung up every phone
i told you not to go
you didn't hear my call you pushed right past the wall
you used to hide in every tone
down in the safety zone
now i'm looking through the door
i swear i saw it twice before

but is it you or me in the torn-up scene

it kicks me when i talk
it leaks into my skull
can't you make it stop
did you just forget

so tell me please
are we in the streets of the torn-up scene
are we
cause i'm a freak
but i don't mean i'm a freak
Track Name: farther reaches
there's farther reaches in my head
but they don't ever let me rest
clutching knifes against my chest
cause you won't love me till i'm dead

there's farther reaches in your head
but you can't have them till you're dead
so waste your days till you forget
what's it's like to have a friend

how do i reach you
Track Name: waking song
i just need some company so i can get to sleep
you don't have to dream
if i just hear you scream
oh wake up it's a beautiful day to be dead
wake up
see my bones they're in my heart now
and you don't know, you don't know
sick you make me sick
gonna make you sick
Track Name: ghostly
take me where you never go
wait until my heart explodes
these busy days they never slow
try to make the spirits go to bed
i feel a light inside crossing paths within our eyes
but now your face will never die
there's a parasite inside my mind

there's a fear inside my head
that won't let up until you're dead
it makes it hard to concentrate
these feelings that i cannot seem to fake
the ghost inside your smile makes suffering alone worthwhile
watch my lungs absorb the heat
as ground gives way beneath my feet
Track Name: when?
is it strange the way you feel
try to waste away tomorrow
because now when i feel down
i drive around this vacant town

and as i past outside your home
the curtains were ripped open
and i could vaguely see your bones
they made me feel so alone

and all these ghosts i've made my friends
to conceal my empty hands
did it work for you
cause my eyes are cherry blue

now i don't ever feel so far
now i don't ever feel so shallow
you look lost in every bar
i wonder where you are
you are
Track Name: keep a light lit
you make me everything at once
tucked down and around until i can't stand up
but i can't heed what i hold dear
i'm gonna take back all the nights that you weren't here

and i wait so still just to take these pills
cause we don't fight it
keep a light lit
we'll provide it keep a light lit

you keep me up and out of luck
awake inside the dreams in which i'm stuck
and when i wake i feel so dead
cause i still feel you pounding in my head

and i'm on my way to a hellish state
cause we don't fight it
keep the light lit
we'll provide it
keep the light lit
we don't try it
keep the light lit

(kane, i think you're someone else)
Track Name: extension cord
my friends are always laughing at me
i don't know how i'm deserving
but if you wait for me i'll be in the closet
learning to tie a noose
i'm losing my footing
and the extension cord won't hold my weight much longer
oh no

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