victoria park

by Fog Lake

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released June 30, 2015

mastered by warren hildebrand
songs written/recorded by aaron powell
synth on tracks 3, 6, 11, 12 by kenney purchase




Fog Lake Montreal, Québec

recording project of songwriter aaron powell from newfoundland, canada.


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Track Name: renegade
i gave my light a face
i designed a better place
we brought wasted lives to heaven
i gave my light a taste
drove it down that road again
but it was supposed to die somewhere

and i was pacing away
i was a high school renegade
that's how i got by then
they had me chase it away
i made a bet with my mistakes
that's how i wound up here

so now i'm hoping you'd stay
we'll take our time if we getaway
take a trip back
and if it's ticking away
don't make me deserve my heart again
it was all i was given
Track Name: andy
we used to throw ourselves to the lions
and they'd just run off
you shoulda heard them laugh
when you turned your back
they never liked your style

and i hope that you hang in
waiting for what's not there
that little mess you made
when it all came down
you should have saw your face

there was no one to stop it
no one to hold you back
i think i'll wait it out
until they cut you a deal
it never made much sense
i know you'll thank me someday
Track Name: shanty town
i'll send an echo to make you whole
if you ever want it
let me know
give me an offer that i can trace
if you're living with a sister strain

too bad that all that we had was cheap
you're never sure if it's too late
so when you call me don't say my name
it makes me wait
Track Name: antidote
chew me out of this hole dear
ward me off with amethyst
half built walls still setting in
sold my soul to the devil yeah

you left home so i should have known
that i'd be waiting by the telephone
but i won't fall to pieces
i'll bet on my antidote

i saw one of your nightmares
on the big screen
such a sacred scene
what's in store for me

once you plant the seed
drink it to get rid of me
until bad intentions speak
Track Name: victoria park
handcuffed away from me
those ferris wheels i clung to
cause i couldn't pace myself
wouldn't run too far

maybe it's just my dream
why would you wait on me
cause i couldn't wait myself
that's why i hurried up

devastate my bliss
wash it down with this
don't find it within yourself
to cut me off this time
Track Name: running out fast
when it all cries out when it sees me through
when it fills you in and it all makes sense
when there's no way out
i would weigh the option
you couldn't shut me up
couldn't do me in
i will take it too far

cause you're running out fast
dare you say the name
and let it all sink in

once it all slowed down and it steered you clear
i would know myself
and if it turns us down don't get on my case
i wouldn't trust it now
Track Name: no innocents (bad moon)
since it sold itself
and the reasons blurred
i've wondered where you've been
since you crossed that border
and i'm a fool to want you bad

no innocents
they all get lost
in the web of time
i've got a bad moon rising
for you embedded in

and why would you say
what i wanted to hear
that was the last thing i needed
to come that close
superstitious and soulless still
Track Name: autumn 1998
don't let the smiles on their faces fool you now
they think it's easy to relate
i heard all the alcohol used to get you down
until our halo went up in flames

i heard you found a place to go in another time
you could always get around
someone's gonna find it when the tape unwinds
the little secret of it all
but i knew that all along
Track Name: disposable comatose
tell yourself the nightmare's off
you could have wasted it all
but you led yourself on
disposable comatose

if you go back home don't you change your tone
cause you'll come for my soul
our fairytale was spoiled oh well
was not worth much
was it worth much at all
Track Name: bury my dead horses
stay absent from your best
an act to catch you in
they all led on

though they may seem on your side
the worms still eat to survive
it's the path we're on

since the hole we dug you in
they never found you again
it's our one last stop

so you're the only one left
take the time to forget what the ransom was
bury my dead horses
Track Name: midnight cross
misery too let you down
tied to another end
that never let you forget

cause i'm hoping it'll send you away
to the midnight cross
and i'm hoping that it calls my name

timing is gonna snuff you out
tied to another chance
still lying in the doorway dead

cause i'm hoping that it sends you away
to the midnight cross
and i'm hoping that it seals your fate
Track Name: dog years
haven't you heard
i know everything
i've heard angels calling me
no more falling out again

it was all in the head
empty promises
parking lots i'd only miss
but you won't drown me now
not this time anyway

when your hair falls out
and you scream and shout
'ill ruin everything
i hate every word you sing'

once this was all you had
and the dog days came
draped in silence now
suffer sweetheart night owl