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live for the moment i've been trying
running out of reasons to control myself
and yeah it might have been the drugs
or their self medicine
have a toast to your luck
it never changes

going unconscious
i let them all nod out and back in
as i told myself
that it might just be the way that it had dawned on me
from your arms to the grave
all on paper

i keep thinking
maybe they were right and i'm wasting
all my precious time
but i keep riding with the ghost
just to see if it's true if ill become their host
meet my maker

and you believed them
all the ones you swam out to sea with
never warned you when it got cold outside
and the money was marked
made your heart go dry
got swept under tide

i'm still breathing
and someday i'll cut all the heartstrings
just to save myself
cause when your home's out of sight
i hope you see me to what they call my life
a teenage wasteland

i'll make you see it
all the ways you snuck into my head
tearing holes in my sense till the good part of me died
and the trembling stopped
from your rattlesnake bite
and it all went dark


from dragonchaser, released February 17, 2017




Fog Lake Glovertown, Newfoundland and Labrador

recording project of aaron powell from newfoundland, canada.

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